Be Present Music Workshops


To us, music is a tool, a tool that we use to bring people back into the moment to begin sharing positive experiences. Be Present’s delivers workshops adapted to fit the needs of a specific group. One example being a group of participants living in a care home for mental health.

Residents selected songs for which to sing during Karaoke, as a familiar discourse regardless of access to education, Karaoke allowed participants to stay within their comfort zone.

During programs designed for the elderly, participants take part in music quizzes with themes such as: music from popular holiday destinations.

Participants of varied ability take part in-group dance routines from their “golden era” .Those that can’t stand due to disability are given the adapted versions of a routine that can be undertaken while sitting down.

The aim of the workshops is to build a community in what can often be an isolating environment, ensuring inclusivity by any means necessary. It also aims to encourage enjoyable interactivity between staff and residents of a nature that might not occur day to day.

We will also incorporate sessions into our programme in which the family members and members of the local community are invited to participate.

This aspect aims to offer a positive experience that residents can share with their families and local residents at a time when various disabilities may prevent this from being possible at a public event outside of the care home.

In summary Be Present aims to bring happiness to participants and improve cohesion between the residents, staff and wider local community by participation in musically led activities.


Client Testimonial


I met Amy a long time ago, doing an entertainment workshop at a nursing home in Leeds. I was very impressed with the entertainment that she provided on the day and the positive response she got from the service users and staff.

This inspired me to book Amy as an entertainer for a Christmas  party that I arranged at St James Hospital Leeds, on a Dementia Ward for the Elderly. Amy was very organised, committed and enthusiastic throughout the event. The group of patients absolutely loved the entertainment that Amy provided. They found it fun, positive and relaxing. The group  engaged very well with each other and were able to  understand Amy’s Instructions , which I felt were clear, concise and useful. The patients participated in activities such as  singing, dancing, reminiscing, playing musical instruments and more.

I would describe the workshop as a positive success, Amy is a  unique young Professional Entertainer, who proved that with her skills, she can  quite easily  meet and understand  the needs of the service/ patients and be very effective in doing so. I would most definitely recommend Amy as an Entertainer for the Elderly.

Kind Regards,


Balvinder Dass   Activity Coordinator



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