The Voice & The Band

A life-story that changed my world.



An endless passion for music, for voices,
for discovery, for people, for life.

I am a singer songwriter and have been for four years. I enjoy writing and performing and have been credited for my song writing by the BBC with my track – Cold Eyes which had radio play on BBC introducing Leeds and another of my tracks – Magic Played on BBC introducing York at my brief time living there.

Since picking up the guitar during my time at university studying Performance Art, I have performed a wide range of gigs from Music Festivals to Restaurants and perform regularly in Cities, Villages and Towns across the UK.

For me Music is a tool, a tool to express experiences and emotions. Songs of a lyrical nature can help a person not to feel alone in their experiences we all encounter such as heartbreak, desires, rejection and loneliness. I love to write music that tells a story of raw emotion. Throughout my study in various creative fields, musical theatre, Performance Art and Community music, I’ve witnessed creative discourses and their inherent ability to validate and deconstruct the taboos and suppression we experience in our society everyday.  I’m proud to be one of the musicians putting such material out into the public ear and I’m passionate in fulfilling my role of making the unspoken once again, spoken!




To us, music is a tool, a tool that we use to bring people back into the moment to begin sharing positive experiences. Be Present’s delivers workshops adapted to fit the needs of a specific group. One example being a group of participants living in a care home for mental health.

The aim of the workshops is to build a community in what can often be an isolating environment, ensuring inclusivity by any means necessary. It also aims to encourage enjoyable interactivity between staff and residents of a nature that might not occur day to day.



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Client Testimonials


I recently came across Amy when she performed at an Open Mic here at the Chemic Tavern.  Amy writes beautiful and insightful songs and as soon as i heard her, I had to book her for a gig.

Amy performed a few weeks later at a Singer-songwriter session with a full set of all original music.  She has a beautiful tone and vulnerability that enhances her song-writing skills.  Her stage presence and audience interaction and engagement is brilliant as well as entertaining.

Amy is a humble and honest performer with great respect for both the people who book her and the musicians she performs alongside – coming from a person who has dealt with many divas, her approach to gigging is refreshing!

Anna (Landlord At The Chemic Tavern)